Deanery Lent Lectures on God and Politics by Bishop Tim Stevens

A Lent Course led by Bishop Tim Stevens:  Wednesday evenings at St Mary’s Church Centre Woodbridge at 7.30 pm: February 21st to March 14th,

“In uncertain and often confusing times, how are we as
Christians to develop habits of wise reflection if we are to
engage faithfully and prayerfully with the big issues of our day?
What are the key commitments of our faith that connect with
those big issues, and how are we to learn what sort of questions
to ask when applying our Christian values to the great
challenges of today?
In this series of talks and discussions, Bishop Tim will explore
questions including:
1) What does the Bible say about God’s action in politics and
2) What can we learn from outstanding Christian Leaders?
3) How can the Church enter the Public Square and what is
our responsibility in this?
4) What does the Cross have to teach us about the cost of
public discipleship?”

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4